The School of Disciples!

Apps for Spiritual Formation

The School of Disciples @ St. Matthew’s Catholic Church in Gillette, Wyoming is a series of concentrated learning opportunities to stimulate and nurture spiritual growth and formation in adults and young people.  Not your traditional theology classes, the SoD will challenge students to deeper critical reflection of personal faith issues and to create a lifestyle of discipleship in action.

Why should you enroll in SoD?

To challenge your status quo to new thinking and to build a new church–the Reign of God here and now.

How is it different?

The SoD goals are:  to connect faith in relevant ways to a post-modern culture/world and to describe theology in new and simple words for everyday people.

What does it involve?

Online or on-site personal spiritual formation courses that portray a post-modern contextual view of theology.  (what’s that??)

Students may choose to enroll in either the on-site classes which will be offered at St. Matthew’s in Gillette, Wyoming OR online classes which will include live chats as well as independent study.  For more info or to register contact Elaine Menardi at 307.682.3319 or


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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