Lots of people came through the doors at our parish ministry fair on Saturday, looking for food, kids’ games, shade and some sense of communal connection to our church.  What a great celebration of life and faith the whole weekend was!

I was sitting at my booth near the end of the afternoon when a father pushed his baby-in-stroller over to the aunt who was selling tickets nearby.  I had already talked with the proud parents of this sweet little boy and my heart just smiled as they parked in front of me.

All I could see was his cute little toes sticking out from the edge of his stroller and then he began kicking and kicking like babies do.  Then that voice—you know that God-voice in your head—said, “It could be like starting all over again.”  What a funny prayer to pop in at a funny time.

And then I thought… yea, there are days when I’d like to start all over again… when the worries of the world seem too overwhelming, when my life feels like I run a whole marathon race every day, when I just want to crawl away into the dark and quiet and be alone.  Starting over could be quite a gift.

What would I have to give up?  My husband, my daughters, my friends, work that fills my soul, a life of lived experiences that have shaped me into the unique person that I am.  Could I just start over but still hold onto all that?  Is that possible, God?

The God-voice again… “Yes, it’s possible.”

Imagine my surprise.

Later that night as we were cleaning up after the parish party, an iron gate jumped out of the hallway and bit one of my pinkie toes… tore the toenail half off.  It’s pretty ugly and sore today… but I think it’s a Mulligan.

Bidden or not bidden, God is present.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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