Two big tests are happening in my family today… an intense high school AP Anatomy & Physiology exam and an even more intense grad-school GRE.  Both students were up late last night and are feeling rather stressed today, although I am certain that both outcomes will be positive.  My test comes tomorrow in the form of a funeral for a friend… a woman about my age, with children about the same ages and a kind husband who now has to deal with all the life issues himself.  A week ago, she collapsed unexpectedly while talking with family and friends… and now she is gone.

I haven’t been a very good test-taker lately.  I’ve had some multiple-choice questions over the past week that I’ve obsessed over but haven’t answered correctly.  There were a couple of essay questions that I totally flubbed… and the fill-in-the-blanks… well, quite honestly, I drew blanks.  It was just a series of little life tests, nothing traumatic, but overall, I didn’t score well.  I’m going back to do some more studying.A+ Pic

I don’t have any clever quips to add to the story other than I am so glad there are re-takes.  I have a professor friend who reminds me that it’s more important for the student to know the material than it is to give failing grades.  I think this must be God’s idea on the whole life-test issue as well.  I never have to search for a re-take when I fail to learn the lesson at hand; God always puts one right in front of me.  Another great thing about the God re-takes:  you don’t get graded!  You just end up learning the material.


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