This is a bridge in east-central Wyoming that I pass every time I travel between my home-home and my work-home.  I make a point of looking at it for the few brief seconds that it is in sight as I drive by at 65 mph.  It’s a curious site and every time I wonder how it came to be there.  It connects two county dirt roads across a small deep chasm.

Wyo Bridge

So now I reflect on bridges…

Am I a bridge?
Is this time in my life a bridge between what has been and what will be?  Where am I now in the crossing?
What bridges have been presented in my life?  Did I take full advantage of the opportunities to use them?
Do I act as a bridge between God and this real world?
Do I recognize someone who is being a bridge for me today?
Should I be on the bridge… or on one side or the other?

So many bridge questions… so little time.
Wyoming is beautiful, isn’t it?


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. susan says:

    Is it the bridge to nowhere or somewhere?
    Wish I had the faith to take a step.
    Appreciate reflections; you’re building a bridge
    maybe I can cross. Curious too.

  2. […] in the past two weeks.  It’s been crazy!  In an earlier post was a glimpse of another out-of-the-ordinary obscure sight that I see every time I commute–you will want to take a peek.  Here’s another. Nearest […]

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