Camillus the IvyI have this plant.  Named Camillus after the kindly Benedictine monk from whom I inherited it.

Camillus has been a good ivy but lately is showing signs of trauma, most likely from the extended stretches of non-watering that he’s had to endure.  😦  Sorry, buddy… I’ve been on the go these past couple months because it’s high school swim season.  I promise I’ll do better right after state!

Camillus has had a long and happy life thus far and has been with me through my own trauma.  The reason I commute 150 miles from my home-home to my work-home is because I lost my church job about 18 months ago.  Camillus was very healthy and green in my old office that had lots of windows and great sunlight.  He hasn’t settled into my new office because there are no windows, so now he lives in my work-home.  But he’s starting to lose leaves.  I’m afraid Camillus needs to be pruned.

I’m reluctant.


What if I take off too much and he doesn’t grow back?  What if the cuttings don’t root and I can’t replant the old stems?  What if he dies altogether?  Do I have the courage to prune what has been so very life-giving and nostalgic?

Camillus the Ivy Pruned

... let you know what happens

Camillus is a plant…
… how must God feel about me?


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  1. Donna says:

    I had a plant like Camillus. It required lots of indirect sunshine (could we stand to look on the full face of God?), a little water (Give us this day our daily bread), and lots of talking to. I would dust its leaves while I talked, encouraging the plant to grow and clean the air in our house. If we listen, we may be able to hear the voice of God cleaning us and encouraging us.

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