There are days when I feel totally psycho-nuts.  (Luckily this is not one of them.)  But on those days, nothing feels good.  Nothing works no matter how hard I try.  Nothing happens as I want or plan.  Pretty soon I work myself into a dither and I am mean and cranky and just generally unpleasant.

So I keep a jar full of grace on my desk.  I open it in the dark moments when I feel hopeless to remind myself that God is good to me even when I am certain that there is no God to be found anywhere.

Collecting moments of grace

I started collecting moments of grace a couple years ago after a retreat that deeply renewed my worn and tattered spirit.  Like all great God-moments, I had not expected to be changed so profoundly.  But I am still carrying that metanoia-like sense of self in my everyday and trying to incorporate what I learned into all these School of Disciples opportunities.  In the past week, I have added a couple of special emails to my grace jar.  I’m gonna pull them out and read them again.  It’s getting pretty full.  I need a bigger jar.

Do you have a grace jar?
Do you need one?


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  1. Donna says:

    How awesome that your grace jar needs to be replaced by a bigger one, Elaine. You taught me about moments of grace last winter, and I have carried that concept with me daily. God just gave me one through your message. Thank you.

  2. Jeff Kaster says:

    I love the idea of a grace jar. Perhaps as we journey towards the mystical side we will realize that no jar could be big enough to contain grace. It is like a fish realizing it is in water. Grace is super abundant and all around. The problem is that life beats us down way too often and we need a grace jar to remind us of God’s love.

  3. Jill says:

    I love this post, I think I may start my own grace jar. Personally, I do things a tad backwards. I keep as many reminders of how incredibly blessed I am all around me, so when I am beat down and at the end of my rope all I need to do is look around me. Needless to say this involves lots of post it’s and gentle reminders. (The latest on my bathroom mirror is kyrie eleison) But when I have a sense of being overwhelmed and I find the insanity too close for comfort, I write down my conflict and place it in a specific container. This my symbolic method of giving it to God, that it is in His hands. I find that being constantly reminded of grace makes those crazy moments easier to deal with. By the way…I regret to inform you but the insanity is directly linked to the Greene gene.

  4. elmenardi says:

    Hi Jill 🙂 I too like the prayer jar–the one that is God’s hands holding my problems. I hope you do make a grace jar; it could be the one that holds the post-it’s that are retired to make space for the new ones.

    And I know EXACTLY what you mean about the Greene gene… God help us all!

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