I popped up wide awake when the clock rang this morning.  Not sure why… doesn’t usually happen that way.  I like to linger in the drowsiness of snooze alarms and dream sequences.  But I love the morning darkness of these autumn days to sit with a nice cup of my favorite Sumatra Mandehling coffee.  The day starts early and dark and steamy hot.

A number of years ago, I had an opportunity to take a youth ministry job in Fairbanks, Alaska, home of the day-long winter night and land of the midnight sun.  If my life stage had been a little different–me wiser, children older, family closer–I think we would have moved and I would be reveling in longer hours of dark today.  But life being what it is, another path ensued.

Three years later, nearly to the day, God came knocking again, beckoning us to a new frontier–Wyoming.  “Come!  I have ministry jobs for you!  Come!”  After a pretty intense two months of discernment… which actually felt more like the Wild-Chipmunk-Emotional-Rollercoaster-of-Death… we left corporate-engineering-world America and moved to rural Wyoming to work for the church.
Crazy, huh?  Yeah… maybe.

God is funny that way.  I honestly believe that there would have been another knock on our hearts had we not chosen to come to Wyoming.  God would have found some other way to get us where we needed to be.

God is like that… never forcing us to go anywhere but always prodding… sometimes gently, other times not so gently… nudging us to be where we enter fully into the world as the hands and feet of Christ.

The road we have walked these past 14 years in Wyoming has been full of so many blind twists and turns… pretty sure we would have turned tail and run fast in the opposite direction had we been able to see the future.

But wait… that’s what Jonah did… and look where it landed him.


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