Exhilaration propelled Little Fish when she jumped from the pond, but it was deep down fear that shook her when she realized where she had landed.  Romantic tales of ancient oceans had filled her childhood with the traditions of her long-lost fish family.  Expecting to be in a bigger world, Little Fish instead found herself caked in sand and sorely bruised from the jagged rocks off which she tumbled.  This was bad… very bad.

Hope is lost, cried Little Fish, a tear falling to the ground just so… that it reflected the brilliant light of a single grain of sand.  The sand smiled toward Little Fish.

To what purpose?  Little Fish asked.

To become small, Sand replied.

Little Fish was startled by Sand’s bold reply.  What kind of purpose is that?

Once I was part of a huge mountain, tall and majestic.  The animals walked upon my stones and the stars sang to us each night.  We were all happy and the creatures knew peace.  The rains came and the ice… bit by bit I was broken into pieces.  At first I was sad to be broken for I was no longer majestic.  Then the wind called to me and said  ‘I need you… will you come?’  I was honored to be chosen for some new purpose and so I went with the wind.  She took me down mountains, through streams and across valleys to places I never knew.  All the while I was changing though I couldn’t see it.  My rough edges were becoming smooth, my corners were being rounded, my greatness was being humbled.  The wind brought me to the edge of a vast ocean and then dropped me into the salty water.  For thousands of years I rolled with the waves, getting smaller and smaller.  A great sun came and dried up the sea but the wind asked me to stay and tell my story to wanderers.

And a beautiful story it is, Little Fish said, to become small.

Then the rains came and Little Fish felt watered again.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

4 responses »

  1. Donna says:

    Literal me wondered if Little Fish could survive in salt water; if the rain formed a puddle, would that merely extend Little Fish’s agonizing death throes? I know that a deep and spiritual message exists in this post, but I cannot seem to get beyond seeing a fish struggle out of water.

  2. elmenardi says:

    When we venture out of what we know, we open ourselves to new lessons. Even though the circumstances may be difficult or even painful, we can receive guidance from the most unexpected places. To become small is a huge lesson for Little Fish and once she understands, the rains come again to revive her. Growth is always painful, but God is always good to the student.

  3. RianeM says:

    I love this story. Very simple and beautiful. I don’t like feeling like Little Fish, but I understand the importance of being like her. Smallness is a virtue.

    • elmenardi says:

      To see more about Little Fish’s journey, go back and read some earlier blogs entitled “Big Fish Little Pond” and “Little Fish Big Pond”. Little Fish has had quite the adventure! Peace 🙂

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