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Every night before I get into bed, I take a few moments to be quiet.  In an old blank calendar, I write down five things that I am grateful for that day.  Sometimes they are actual things; more often it is opportunities or events or just good things that happened.  It’s a way of remembering that God’s grace abounds throughout my life in big and small ways.
I’ve been doing that off and on for several years… most recently I’ve realized that I should be more on than off.  But as I was driving the weekend commute yesterday, I decided that I need to do more to assess how my heart and spirit are motivated and inspired to keep walking through these everydays.

Marshall Goldsmith is a corporate business consultant with a great new book called Mojo: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get It Back If You Lose It.  Even though it’s geared for CEO’s and other professionals, I read it through the eyes of a disciple trying to find my way in this busy, chaotic world.  One activity that really grabbed my heart was 20 Questions.

Goldsmith suggests that to ascertain how well you are moving toward your personal and professional goals, devise a set of 20 questions and then measure your progress at the end of each day.  After a week or a month, take an average and see your score.  Are you getting closer to where you want to be?

Here is my set of 20 questions along with a simple scorecard.  I’ve attached a .pdf version of 20QsADay to print out or I’ll pass on an Excel spreadsheet if you’d like the computer to do the work… just send me an email.  There is also blank space to write questions that are more pertinent to your own life and circumstances.  At the end of whatever time interval you choose, add up the total points for each question and then divide by the number of days; this will give you an average score for that question.

I think this is going to give me some needed personal insight and help me to discover how to better feed my spirit.  It feels kind of scary… but it will be easier than walking through a Halloween haunted house.


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