The only known photograph of God.

I was answering my 20 Q’s last night and got down to the last one… How well did you show your love today? I had to pause and think… really hard.  Show my love to people?  to my work?  to myself?  to my dreams?  What are we talking about here?

In the past I have answered that question as it relates to the people in my everyday… but last night it hit me that there are many more layers and levels of meaning.  And my answer to question 20 is nuanced, rich and deep with organic humus for spiritual reflection.  So today I pose this question to you:

What do you love?

You can take this to whatever level you want, but I’d ask you to at least consider a couple of ideas deeper than those ones that will automatically roll off your tongue.  It takes some effort to dig down into the soul but the buried treasure is always worth the work of excavation.

Here’s a little incentive to begin your digging…  FallInLove


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Donna says:

    It all comes down to loving God with every part of our being. If we truly love God, then we love all his creations. If we truly love God, we carry that love into all parts of our lives whether it be relationships or work. Some of God’s creation I have an appreciation for but have a hard time loving (worms and lobsters); other parts of creation fill me with joy because God is so easily seen in them (trees and sunsets). When I am amazed at my shallowness, I remember that I, too, am God’s creation and have to love myself in all my fragility, too.

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