Little Fish felt bruised and hot and scared… but more than that she was parched.  Passing the afternoon talking with Sand about becoming small, she knew the ancient-sea-turned-desert would become her final resting place.  Life was almost over so she began to pray.

I know you’re out there somewhere… I’m not sure where.  I’m not even sure who you are.  I just know there’s someone out there. Little Fish wasn’t certain of anything but she decided to keep going.  I don’t know why I jumped from the pond.  It might have been a mistake.

Little Fish fell into utter despair… this was going to end badly.

No, it wasn’t a mistake.  You did the right thing came the reply.

Grateful to hear something, Little Fish rambled on. I thought the pond was shrinking and I knew there wasn’t much time left and I just couldn’t think of what else to do… Little Fish was firing off one word after another so fast that she didn’t realize how quickly her last breaths were stealing what remaining life she had.  I just thought that if I…

Hush little one.  Everything’s going to be fine. That voice again.  Your heart told you to jump.  It’s going to be okay.

Where do I belong? Little Fish asked the voice.

Here with me came the reply.

Am I going to die? Little Fish was brave enough to ask a question that she didn’t want answered.

No… not now.  I still have work for you to do.

Little Fish did not like the sound of that!  So much time and energy spent on a previous life and now… new work?  I can’t… it’s not possible… I’m not capable… or worthy…

Yes, you can… it is… you are… you SO are… Don’t be afraid.  I will send the rain.

Delirious, Little Fish closed her eyes.  I just want to belong somewhere.

The rain started… just a few drops at first.  Enough to revive Little Fish.  Soon the shower turned into a storm.  The storm turned into a torrent.  The torrent turned into a flood.  The ancient-sea-turned-desert became a puddle.  The puddle turned into a stream.  The stream turned into a current.  And the current picked up Little Fish and carried her to a new sea.

I never thought this could happen. Little Fish marveled at the possibilities of a new life.

I did came the reply.


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Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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