A Logical Progression: Leading Disciples to Action

  1. Know my own strengths… better yet:  know my own passion.  Breathe it.
  2. Lead/live by example.
  3. Invest in knowing other people’s strengths… better yet: invest in knowing their passions.
  4. Collaborate to create a shared vision… where priorities are derived from the strengths of the disciples building upon the work they already desire to do.
  5. Dream together about the potential of achieving your collective goals.
  6. Provide the necessary tools for people to work from their passion.
  7. Be the world’s best cheerleader and champion the passions in the hearts of disciples.

The key to leading disciples to action is to inspire them to do what they are already passionate about… only better.  An effective leader will tap into the disciples’ strengths and help shape a collective vision that speaks to their hearts.  If disciples are inspired to do what they already love to do, they will work hard and give themselves over to a bigger purpose.  This might require setting aside well-meaning-but-still-predetermined priorities but in the long run, more will be accomplished.  Even better, the greater ministry will be sustained.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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