Teach them to long for the sea like the wave longs for the beach or like homesick cranes long for the nest.  Teach them to long for the sea like a baby searches for its mother or a soul looks for a place to belong.  Teach them to long for the sea and they will long for God.

There is a holy longing in each of us, a deep unnamed hunger that often goes untouched.  It is a soul-full dwelling place that seeks outward expression and acceptance with unbridled desperation.  A place that is filled with passion and desire… with creativity and wit… with forgiveness and compassion.  The edges of the soul are tattered and bruised but we wait.  We wait for some thing to teach us how to find God, how to love and forgive, how to be who we know we are called to be.  We wait for some thing to feed this holy longing.

Tell me your story.  Tell me of your life, your journeys and your falls.  Tell me why you are here in this place now and where you want to be someday.  Tell me what you fear and where you find comfort and I will tell you my story.  I will share my life, my journeys and my falls.  Let us know each other in God that we might find strength in each other and trade our time together.  Teach me where you go in prayer to feed your hunger and I will teach you how to smell the saltwater breeze in the desert.

Ask me difficult questions and I will search for honest answers.  Then I will listen.  Are you waylaid in the valley or are you standing on the mountain?  Do you know God in your bones or do you struggle in a confused world?

Tell me who you are and I will give you the best of myself.

When we are desperate for the water, we’ll begin our ship.  Now we collect wood and cut planks.  Gather your tools and let us set to task.  Where you go, I will go.  Your family will join mine and we will teach them to long for the sea too.  Fare forward thou Voyager!


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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