Back Side of My Heart ... oil on canvas

On the back side of my heart is where Jesus shakes me.  There I found Jeremiah fortressing the tender pieces of my being.  Tiny strands of light disappeared as he worked gently repairing each hole.  Enchanted, I watched and I could almost see and feel again the pricks and jolts that have torn and frayed the edges of this fragile existence.  The gouge has now healed and I notice a great scar.  But numerous tiny wounds still drain my life and spirit.

Brave Jeremiah stands firm eyeing the perfect piece to patch each injury and stop the bleeding.  He is old now, but wrinkled with gracious wisdom and as he diligently labors I feel that burning sensation coming back.  For what seems only a brief moment, all the holes are filled and the consuming warmth of God’s love relieves my aching pain.

Were not our hearts burning as He spoke? Yes, indeed mine was.

Answering the call takes me back to the world where again I will be poked and prodded, bruised and gouged and scarred.  Is it a journey worth continuing?  Is it a battle worth fighting?  Jeremiah whispers… You can’t stay here… soon your heart will become too full and then I will have to poke a hole from the back side.  That will be more painful than all.

And I know he is right.  I can’t not go.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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