When I was in grad school, this phrase from one of my textbooks smacked me between the eyes and hasn’t ever left… on the road and under cover.  I can’t remember where it came from, only the context and what meaning it has for me.

On the road… the journey of life as a disciple.
Under cover… sheltered from whatever that journey will throw at me.

Before we moved to Wyoming, we had a nice house in the ‘burbs, engineering jobs in the corporate world, family and friends to celebrate everyday life.  There was enough of everything we needed but still there was a holy longing in our hearts.  We wanted to serve the world in a bigger way… so we left.  Off to the wilds of western Wyoming to work in ministry at a Catholic parish.  That was fifteen years ago.

It wasn’t an easy transition and it hasn’t been an easy journey.  But it has been filled with grace and reward.  Since we sold our Colorado house, we’ve only ever rented living space… I’ve always had the feeling that we would be on the road… that life was going to take us many places and we shouldn’t get too comfortable by digging down roots in one community.  Now I know why.

I think I must be a change person… one who thrives on creating/being/living something new on a regular basis.  Perhaps I have always been of this persuasion but the Wyoming adventure has intensified that side of my personality. Change just isn’t a deal for me anymore although I recognize that it is hugely scary for a lot of people.  Case in point:  not-dealing-well-with-change is the primary reason why ministries have been cut across the state in the Catholic Church of Wyoming.

I have been and probably will always be an advocate for change… not for the mere sake of changing but for seeing our ever-changing world as it really is and trying to speak the God-message in language that is relevant to ever-changing people.  Even if we don’t recognize that we each change individually, we do.  It happens whether we try or whether we resist.

I love this quote from Heraclitus:  You cannot step into the same river twice. Think about it.

On the road and under cover… I’m packing up my tent and sleeping bag now/getting ready for a new adventure.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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