It’s been three days since logging onto the computer. I’ve been on the road most of that time… saying goodbye to co-workers, running to pick up my college-daughter for Christmas break, moving from work-home to home-home.  Today I have a quick interlude to pray and share a couple thoughts.

My world is covered in snow and we are all excited for a white Christmas… hopefully anyway.  As I look out the window and enter into the season, I wonder what will be born in me. The coming of a Savior is enough to work miracles in us all… what miracle will God choose to work in me as this chapter in my life closes and a new beginning looms?  I peek out my back door and see the hint of blooms in my lilac bush.

Seeds… have you ever really thought about seeds?  There are some hiding in your immediate world.  Go get one… now.  Yes… you have one somewhere I’m sure.  Take a quick look and go get one and then come back to your computer.

Drawing a blank?  Okay… look for a piece of fruit… or a nut… or a potted flower… or a packet of garden seeds.  Nothing?  Okay… look for a dried bean or a piece of unpopped popcorn or a potato or a sunflower seed.  See… they’re everywhere huh?

How does a seed know?  When it’s supposed to sprout… what it’s supposed to sprout into… whether to produce leaves or flowers or fruit… where a new branch is supposed to grow?

We could go into the whole biological dissertation of the life energy of seeds and their chemical make-up and the process of growth.  But go back in time to when scientists didn’t know what happened in a seed… when the sun warmed the earth, the skies watered the ground and magically something began to sprout from the dirt.  How did the seed know?

I am drawn to the Gospel of John and the verse:  I am the vine, you are the branches.  Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit because apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5.  Now take the opposite of that last bit:  With me, you can do anything.

We’ve heard that before in the Bible:  With God all things are possible. And while there are many examples in the world, perhaps none is more obvious than a seed or the branch of a lilac bush.  If we are vigilant, we can watch the miracle grow right before our eyes.  I love that!

If we will be a branch growing off God’s original vine, how will we know when and how to sprout?
Not to worry…
God has it all under control.  The only question left for us is to choose… what will we grow into?


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