The life of a disciple is demanding… no question about it.  One theme we can take with us is:  prayer of the moment.  We usually think of prayer as a time set apart for quiet meditation and devotion, spiritual reading and reflection.  But what if…. you’re a BUSY person on the go?  Or what if your daily schedule means that you’re ExHaUsTeD by the time you get home?  What if you’re already doing everything you can just to survive the day?

Prayer of the moment is just that—bringing to the front of your mind whatever God-thought is on your heart.  And it doesn’t have to be as big as a Hail Mary or an Our Father or some other set of words.  Prayer of the moment can be as simple as taking a breath and saying “God, I’m here.”  It’s about making yourself aware of God’s presence in your life at that very moment.  There’s an ancient desert monk saying:

Bidden or not bidden… God is present.

Whether we know it or not… feel it or not… understand it or not… God is there—all the time.  If we ask; if we don’t ask.  God is there.  When we remember that God’s presence permeates every corner of our lives then we will start to hear God’s voice speaking to us everywhere.  In all things, in all places, in all people, in all ways.

24/7/365 God is there… waiting for us to respond.

don’t stop believin’… hold on to that feelin’...


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