I am SO excited for Christmas this year!  Not sure exactly why… or rather what is making this year feel more special than in the past.  I know it’s not the goodies… although today is Cookie Day at my house–aka, Finals-Recovery-Day (my daughters will be baking their little brains out!)  It’s also not the surprise of packages wrapped in bows… or even the clean, pure whiteness of snow all around.  I think maybe it’s the idea that all things are possible.  I feel that deep down in my bones right now.

Radio DJ’s were chatting the other day and one posed a question to the other:  What makes Christmas Christmas for you? Like how do you know it’s really Christmas time?  Is it the chill (or warmth) in the air?  Is it a certain kind of food or sweet treat?  Is it making plans to be somewhere special?  Or maybe shopping for gifts to give to the people you love?

I’ve been thinking hard about that… it finally came to me on Monday night.  It’s our Christmas tree.  We waited a little longer this year before putting it up.  What a grace!  We were all home to decorate for the first time in a while and I was reminded of the gift of family.  Every year I make one or more ornaments for each of us to add to the tree.  After 24 Christmases, our tree is loaded with hundreds… so many that every year they ask:  do we hafta put them ALL on? And my answer… every year… is Yes we do.

There is something deeply special–even spiritual–about how our tree shows the story of our family.  Each year as the hanging lasts into the late evening, we hold ornaments up and say:  Do you remember this?  Or when that happened…? I absolutely treasure all these memories… good and not-so-good.

So much has happened for us this year of 2010.  Some things I’d be glad to do again… others not so much.  As a family, the coming year will hold many changes.  We are on the brink of a new life… more on that later.  For now I am dwelling in possibility… as God comes to dwell with us.

Emmanuel… God-with-us.  Incredible.


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