Waking up this morning I wondered if I had any interesting blog material.  The rest of my family is much more night-owlish than me so all is still quiet. I decided to extend my Christmas vacation by not turning on my laptop.  I reached into the refrigerator to grab the milk for my granola and this is what I saw…
so naturally I couldn’t just let the opportunity pass without writing something.  All you in the blogosphere will be tempted to think that I have posed this picture.  I assure you that is not the case.  You now have a glimpse of the craziness that is characteristic of my world… not to mention what I keep in my fridge.    Like you, I simply stumbled upon the unexpected sight… though I do vaguely remember some hubbub before falling asleep last night along the lines of Where did you hide my slipper?!?!

So my thoughts wander toward unexpected life…

Is there anything new anymore?  Christmas?  I don’t think so… 2000 years of telling and retelling the story make it feel pretty commonplace.  I try to make it all feel new in my heart… maybe you do too… but honestly the newness fades about as quickly as the closing song at Mass.  I know the rest of the story so it never feels very unexpected.

What will it take to jolt me out of my ordinary-ness stupor?

We are a fairly insatiable group of people these days… as Americans anyway.  The holiday season is an in-your-face-reminder of our high expectations for self-fulfillment and gratification.  I think it really says more about our aching loneliness and desire for the holy unexpected… something that will knock us down and show us beginner’s mind:  that sacred space of wonder and awe where you set aside all that you think you know… the innocence of the first inquiry.

found it on the other side of the house...

Can we do that anymore?  Or are we a society so accustomed to knowing and controlling that we are too afraid to loosen our grasp enough to allow ourselves to receive something new?  More so unexpected?  I don’t know… but I do know that we should try.


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