I’m in Denver visiting with family today… not doing too much except cooking fabulous carnitas for dinner and waiting for the snow storm of the season to pounce upon us all.  I do have one question on my mind though… really more like in my blood.  And I’ll share it with you because I think it’s worthy of some thought and prayer.

Did Christmas mean something new this year for you?
The whole Jesus being born thing… did it make a difference in your world/life/soul?

If so, what? Send me a comment.
If not, why? Send me a comment anyway.

I realize that’s a deep and personal question… but I’m willing to listen… in fact I’d really like to hear from you.  I’m still working on my own answer.


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  1. Rox says:

    This Christmas my family and I had the opportunity to take in a stranger. A young friend of ours, called to see if it was possible for a friend of hers to stay with us, knowing we often have visitors and college students of one type or another with us, a bit of an open door policy. A young women, fleeing an abusive relationship, needed a place to be (read as hide) THAT day and couldn’t stay with any of her friends as he might find her.

    But really, the Monday before Christmas? with one son home, daughter on her way, friend from Baltimore coming and for at least one night, other son, wife and 2 babies. And to my embarrassment and shame, I almost said no. I almost said… “there is no room at the Inn.”

    Maybe you have heard the excuses… it is inconvenitnt….we will be crowned… people on air mattresses…it is family time. To my shame, I almost said no…..I almost said no.

    But I didn’t and it has become a gift. We became involved in many of the details of a person fleeing her former life, possible for her safely, from court appearances to settling beloved pets. It has given me the opportunity to examine WHO I really am. My ego and I become very inflated but this was a moment to look myself in the face and heart for true examination.

    We took her with us (to safetly) to my son’s house in rural Wyoming. My family pulled her into all our activities, too much eating, Mexican train dominoes, matching Christmas PJs, gifts, board games with a 4 year old and having her in the middle of the family, in an overflowing pew, as she cried all during Christmas Eve Mass.

    The calamity in her life, has given us the experience to be truly connected with a stranger, if we just allow it. I will look back at this Christmas as a gift, a time to reach out and help and a time to look within.

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