Heard some song lyrics on the radio yesterday that stuck:

difficulty makes us stronger
restlessness makes us hunger

Surprised me more than anything… not the difficulty part but the hunger part.  Wasn’t sure I heard it right.  I have been known on occasion to make up my own lyrics.  I could probably do some research and find the artist and song but I think I want to live with these words for a while… I have a deep hunger in me right now.

I have been reading The Restless Heart by Ron Rolheiser.  I pulled it from my dusty shelf after the Laramie adventure and though I wasn’t particularly drawn to it, I started on page one for lack of anything else more inspiring.  Good choice.  I have been restless for a long while… now I have a glimpse of the reason why.

It’s that whole already-but-not-yet-Reign-of-God thing again that I alluded to the other day.  This dualistic sense that Yes—already the kingdom of God is at handbut not yet—this is not my final home.  There is still so much more to come… and that thought makes me restless.  Hungry in my soul.

Finally, some words from Rolheiser’s book:

Quieting our restlessness also depends on prayer, particularly on affective prayer.

A classic definition of prayer says that it is “raising mind and heart to God.”  That definition is wonderful, but the problem is that too often, in prayer, we do not do that.  We raise our minds to God, but not our hearts.  We go to prayer out of duty or to gain some insight or to find quiet, but we do not go to prayer to experience intimacy, to have our hearts touched and soothed.

And yet that is the ultimate function of prayer, to put us into an intimacy that can soothe and still our insides in the same way as good lovemaking can bring calm to a soul.

page 168 in The Restless Heart
by Ron Rolheiser


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