Poll Results:  What’s your spiritual pulse?

19.6%… I am motivated to make positive change in my life to better myself and/or my circumstances.
19.6%… I would like to experience some kind of awakening that will challenge me to look at the world and myself in a new light.
15.2%… I consider myself a disciple.
17.4%… I have someone in my life to ask and discuss spiritual questions and matters of the soul.
21.7%… I hunger for a deeper and more intimate presence of God in my life than what I feel now.

The results are in… interesting.  What do you think?  How did your votes compare with others?

Now that we’re almost two full weeks into the new year, motivation to pursue resolutions for personal change may be waning.  It’s a natural occurrence… good intentions only take us so far… we all know it.  The real question to ask ourselves is:  What am I willing to do to make a change? If I’m not willing to put in the work toward something, then chances are good that particular change is not so important to me.  I will only give my time and energy to do things that I truly desire.  Old wisdom… but it’s still true.

Here’s something to help you do your own spiritual checkup… heart and soul:  how are you feeling?

Take some time to do your own Spiritual CheckUp and see where you go today.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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