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Have you ever felt lost?  Utterly and completely without direction or any sense of up/ down/ right/ left/ forward/ backward?
I have.

Definitely not fun.  I have been lost in blizzards… in strange cities… in books… and in life.  There is something so vulnerably helpless in being lost that it can make you just want to curl up in a corner and never stop crying.  It’s fear… sometimes fear that’s overwhelming.

Imagine if you will:  you are flying from Sydney to LA when suddenly your plane shakes violently, breaks into three sections and falls to the ocean.  Luckily your seat and several around you land on a desert island.  You are even luckier because you’ve escaped serious injury so you unbuckle and scramble across the beach to rescue others in the waves and to comfort those who are hurt.  You are like an angel coming to their aid in a time of great fear.

(A scenario that is perhaps a bit extreme but that would make a great television show… wouldn’t you agree?)

In my own moments of feeling lost, I trembled and cried.  Some days I thought I might never recover any sense of sure-footing again.  It is an awful place to be and I suspect you have been in this dark place once or twice in your own life.  Choices or circumstances or just random events… it doesn’t really matter how you got there… only that you find a way back to light and to the company of those who love you.  God promises that the lost will always be welcomed home.

Take a chance on being found.


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