Friday 28-Jan-11… Indianapolis EST
6:30 pm… Arrived at hotel after most-excellent-brainstorming-@-airport.  Grab a quick dinner/beer/bed.  Early flight tomorrow.
8:30 pm… Turn off television and sleep.
10:00 pm… Turn on television…  :/ … the wedding party is having a party right across the hall.  Watch the late news/then sleep.
11:30 pm… This room is hot!  Try to adjust air temp… evidently there is no such thing as too hot in Indy in winter.  Try to sleep again.

Saturday 29-Jan-11
1:30 am… Turn on lights.  Boot up computer… wedding party still going strong.  Check email/send some replies.  Room still hot.
2:15 am… Quieter.  Shut down computer/turn out lights/Go to sleep you fool!
3:45 am… ALARM!  What?  already?  Get up/shower.
4:04 am… Wake-up-phone-call RINGING!  Hurry to pick up so neighbors aren’t disturbed… listen… the wedding party is singing disco :/
4:23 am… Standing outside waiting for the shuttle driver… 31 degrees F never felt so good!
4:54 am… Checking bag/boarding passes printing/headed to security.
5:30 am… Excellent breakfast sandwich/hot coffee/waiting at the gate.
6:43 am… Take off for Denver!

Saturday 29-Jan-11… Denver MST

UA 6982... my private jet.

7:44 am… Arrive late to Denver… run from B54 to B95… will I make the connection?
7:55 am… Board plane… I am the only passenger!
8:08 am… Captain on the intercom:  Good morning Elaine!  And welcome aboard your private jet!  We’ll be taking you to Casper, Wyoming today where the skies are clear and sunny with good visibility, light winds and the temperature is currently 28F.  We’ll be giving you an update as we get closer to Casper, but for now, sit back, relax and enjoy Sarah’s company in the main cabin.  Feel free to choose whichever seat you’d like.  Thanks for flying with us today.  We are happy to serve you.
8:32 am… Update from the captain/chitchat with Sarah/I am special today!
9:01 am… Land in Casper about 8 minutes early… my luggage is already waiting for me when I arrive at baggage claim.

The coolest-most-excellent flight I have ever had 🙂


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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