So I was the only one waiting to get my haircut yesterday and naturally assumed that I was next on the list.  But just as the lady was typing into her computer, a man comes dashing in the door… she calls out Tyler! And magically this is Tyler… who had evidently been sitting in his car listening to his iPod.  Wait a little longer… my turn now… another man comes rushing in… she calls out Lyle! And ironically, this is Lyle… who also had been sitting in his truck… quite a bit older so I don’t think was listening to an iPod.

Thanks Lyle 🙂

Lyle is a bit disheveled, wild hair and wild eyes… takes off his coat and pulls out his wallet.  He says to me… By chance, do you have a coupon? No I don’t.  Would you like one?  I cut two out of the journal last week.  Here you are. And off he goes to get his hair cut… turns out just about down to the scalp.  His wild look disappears.  After Lyle pays the bill, he turns to fetch his coat and says Hope that coupon helps… every little bit helps you know.  Have a good day. I reply: Thank you… that was very special because I’ve lost my job and am looking for a new one.  Everything helps. Lyle nods his head, a tad embarrassed, not sure how to respond, walks out the door.  The lady calls out… Elaine!

The world is a kind place.

So then I stopped to grab a few groceries and headed home.  Thaw after the deep freeze had begun and the wind howled all day… blowing snow glazed everything with an almost imperceptible layer of ice.  Going out to the car for the second load, I slipped and slid down six stairs on my back side.  #$%&!.. #$%&!..  #$%&!..  I’m badly bruised but otherwise okay.  Actually I’m quite lucky that I didn’t break my wrist because of how I landed.  Very sore today 😦

On with the salt! Down with the ice!

The world is not a kind place.

There is a deacon at my parish who preaches about every fourth weekend.  I cringe when I see him in the opening procession.  Every homily I have heard from him is so full of contempt for the evils of society, condemns the culture of death, rails against the sins of the human flesh and reinforces the Old Testament image of a vengeful God.  This is just not my experience at all… icy stairs to boot!  (or should I say… icy stairs to booty!)

I want to believe in the goodness of people and of the world.  There are plenty of opportunities to think otherwise… witness current Egypt uprisings… but it doesn’t serve my soul to dwell on the evil and the bad.  And I just can’t reconcile the idea of a merciless, angry God with the father who welcomes home the prodigal son.  I suppose we choose our image of God based on our own experiences.

So here is another thing I want to tell you… priests and clergy that is… Know thy people. Certainly there is evil present in the world but don’t give the devil a fair share.  We already know that Jesus’ resurrection makes that a moot point.  God will always win!  ALWAYS!  That is the heart of our faith.  Teach us to believe and trust in God’s goodness and great love.

This is a benevolent new world… if we choose to look at it that way.


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  1. Donna says:

    I had the opportunity to read a pamphlet sent to “a friend” by his mother recently. This 😯 some year old Mom, wanted to remind her son of the importance of Mercy. The pamphlet talked about image that appeared to St. Faustina and she was instructed to paint and share with the world. Not only are we to show our friends and family mercy; we are to show our enemies mercy and in that process we ourselves are unburdened with the weight of anger and vengefulness. God does not want the burden of vengence any more than God wants that burden for us.

    I beleive you are right that our loving God wants what is best for us and that the image of a vengeful God described in the books of the old testiment have little to do with the God who sent his Son to save us. Another book I am currently reading explains about the love of God for the prodigal son as well as his older brother and the mercy shown to both by their loving father.

    I agree with you we don’t need to be sent out fearing our God, we need to be sent out to love and serve one another. That is what our loving God did for us and that is what we are directed to do. That is exactly why SOCIAL JUSTICE sermons would be so much more productive in calling all of us to serve the church – which we are told is all of us, not the building and not the organization, the people of God.

    The World is NOT a kind place and just like Lyle, we are all called to make it a more kind place for everyone.

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