The gift of a creative mind is being able to see possibility when there appears to be none.  The challenge is how often you have to prove it… to family/friends/coworkers/bosses/and even at times… yourself.  Vincent van Gogh often thought that he had reached the limits of his creative power and perhaps he did, although he produced more than 2000 pieces of art.  The belief that there was no more inspiration in his head or his heart was terrifying.

For the past 20 years I have felt like God has been calling me to imagine what could be… to see possibility in chaos… to make something out of nothing.  The challenges started easy enough… there was plenty of raw material that needed nurturing and molding.  The projects became increasingly more intense and difficult.  I remember once standing in the middle of the southwestern Wyoming desert and throwing my hands up in the air screaming to the sky… God!  This is a bucket of bolts! God’s response:  Ah… but it’s a bucket of nuts AND bolts!  Real funny omnipotent one…

(If I had been smart I would have created one of those reality shows where a chef is given four entirely obscure foods and in 36.5 minutes makes a “delightfully fabulous dessert”.)

So now I do better at just smiling when new challenges are laid down… I have had a lot of success although not always.  There have been plenty of failures and do-over’s along the way.  I treasure the ones that are easier… but they’re always little God-teasers that foreshadow something big coming in the near future.  This is from yesterday…

hungry hungry hungry hungry…
food food food food…
slice the bread… what?!?!
how am I supposed to make a sandwich with this?!

People think I make this up... this really happened.

It would have been fine with a nice piece of cheese or a slice of ham… but all we had to work with was egg salad and chicken salad.

I mean really God… throw me a bone or something.


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