I’m in a mood today… not bad but not very productive… and I really need to get some work done.  Transitioning from 20-years-of-going-to-the-office-everyday to walking-over-to-the-next-room has been more challenging than I expected and in ways that I had not expected.  And it’s February to boot… heart of the winter doldrums in Wyoming.  So I took it all to prayer/then decided that I needed some light-hearted playful inspiration.

If you want to play too, let go of all you think/don’t think/like/don’t like about what’s to come… enter into the music/lyrics/images and let it take you to a place where you haven’t been for a long time.  That is what adult play is meant to do.  If you’re one of those lucky ones who hasn’t seen the magic “30” yet, this might be a tad easier.  In any case, enjoy!

God of the windy winter,
blow your breath into my weary soul.
Fill me full up with you and let me delight in the gift of this day.
Let me not waste a single moment on what does not matter.
Instead may all I do fulfill your plan in me.

My prayer today:  Help me be brave enough to be the real me.
Give me courage and strength to walk with integrity and generosity.
Give me grace to reveal your goodness to all I meet.
Give me truth that I may speak and act with kindness.
Grant me peace that I would know you in my heart.
Let others see not me… but only you shining thru me.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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