The corner of my front yard is favorable feeding ground for pronghorns.

It’s not unusual to have visitors in your yard.  Some people get dogs and cats… others have squirrels and rabbits.  I have a friend who gets regular visits from raccoons, skunks and bears.  In Wyoming it’s just usually not a deal.  But this one caught me by surprise a couple days ago.  We had some antelope stop by… or rather pronghorns.

Now that’s not the unusual part… after all, there are technically more antelope in Wyoming than there are people.  I just smile and keep driving whenever I see out-of-stater’s stopping on the side of the road to take pictures.  What’s funny about this is that I live in what many would call the ‘urban corridor’… a mere two blocks off the heart of downtown Casper.  Granted… Casper is not a New York City or even a Minneapolis… but we do have things like people and noise and traffic.  So to find antelope pawing through your snow in the middle of the day is an event.  It makes you stop and take notice.

I ask myself… what else do I not see?  I am keenly attuned to seeing out-of-place/out-of-the-ordinary sights… but what do I miss?  In the routine in’s and out’s of everyday life, what do I pass by without a second glance or second thought?  It’s easy to detach/disengage/down-play.  I rationalize sometimes saying to myself that I just don’t have enough energy or time or interest to enter into every circumstance/person/conversation that I encounter.  And then I profess to be Jesus-like… hmmm… what’s wrong with this picture?

My pronghorn friends are sticking around… lounging in the park across the street.  I don’t know where they go to sleep… maybe over to the cushy astroturf at the high school football field on the next block over.  But I’m okay with them moving in for a while.  They’re kind of a normal part of the everyday now and help me to remember to look in all the hidden corners of the world to see what I can find.


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