For some people, the road to God is clearly established through tradition and practice.  For others, the path is mysterious and winding, blind with hidden corners and desert wanderings.  Restless hearts constantly question the ways we live and call us accountable to our integrity.  We know their faces.  Their eyes look right through our souls, piercing our deepest depths, unmasking our greatest fears.  They are the people who can tell us all we have ever done without even saying a word.  And… they are the ones we most long to be with even though they make us so uncomfortable we want to crawl out of our skin.

These prophets and mystics have important messages for us if we are willing to risk drinking a hard medicine.  They speak the deeper truths of our souls in ways that our rigid world denies.  Desperately wanting to join their ranks, we shrink in fear and apprehension.  Yet in secret, we read their writings and dream their dreams, holding high their single holy desire as our own… we seek God too.

Only with our humblest offerings can we even dare to imagine our face-to-face meeting with God someday.  Perhaps this life, fragile and short though it is, should be more about preparing for that encounter than we make it.  Caught up in the mire and the muck, we often lose sight of Life, instead focusing the bulk of our energy on things that will pass away easily in our absence.  We like to think it is a matter of prioritizing our time or committing to a prayer schedule…  but really it is a question of surrendering our hearts to receive whatever God chooses to give… be it hard or easy… to pray honestly that God’s will be done.

That means life often appears to be a lost and wandering mess… and sometimes the thought of trying to make it through the week is overwhelming.  But if we can breathe through one minute and then the next, soon enough comes the sun and we realize that our faith was stronger than we thought.  We are stronger than we thought.  God is stronger than we thought.

Kairos is God’s time… the schedule we should be most concerned with, not only in our spiritual lives but in each and every day.  Therefore, allow Spirit to be the guide it was sent to us to be.  May your travels be fruitful.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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