Originally, I had some thoughts in my brain about what to write today.  But I came to my laptop and saw this comment on yesterday’s blog… it prompted different ideas.  This is from my childhood classmate, Michael… very insightful/read on…

what changes you is the felt presence of immediate experience

technology promises connection, but the reality is that it abstracts, detaches. I can leave this blog and immediately divert my attention to less intense thoughts… war permits helicopter pilots to fire at 9 blips on a video screen display

so, we need to teach ourselves and the next generation that technology _calls_ our_ attention_ to _someone

that is the first step

we’ve got that one down

now, time to imprint step #2 into our collective psyche

step out from behind our hi-res partitions

and behold the man, the woman, the child standing before us

I asked myself:  How often do I hide behind technology?

It’s really easy to do.  Not just hiding away from the world by living online in Facebook or YouTube or iTunes or blogs or a whole other realm of websites and distractions.  I can be anyone I want when I’m online.  It is a real challenge to let my authentic self show through the cracks of mouse-clicks and status-updates.

But the opportunities to hide behind technology also tempt us to do the dirty work online.  As I’ve been applying for jobs over the past three months, here’s what has happened:

  1. Online App #1 at a Catholic university: Created my account/sent in all the required materials/vigilantly monitored my status/4 days after the submittal deadline my status read: No longer under consideration… no personal or email response during the whole process.
  2. Online App #2 at a Christian publisher: Created my account/sent in all the required materials/was not able to upload a .pdf resume only a text file (which means it didn’t look nice)/received email confirmation of materials received/1 week later received email “Thanks but no thanks”.
  3. Online App #3 at an international corporation: Created my account/sent in all the required materials (online process was professional!)/back-and-forth emails from local office and went to a local interview/10 days later received email “Thanks but no thanks” from corporate office (2000 miles away).
  4. Online App #4 at a local chain retailer: Created my account/answered all their questions (about 75 or so)/received email confirmation/nothing since… and I’m way over-qualified.

Technology has made the whole job search process cold, impersonal and depressing.  Why would I want to work for you after being treated that way?  It is too easy to hide.

So I’m issuing a challenge… to me and to you:  Make at least 1 (more if you can) meaningful, personal, face-to-face or over-the-phone connection today and each day over the weekend with someone who you could easily communicate with online.  Be intentional.  Even if connecting with that person is going to be hard for your heart and soul.  Don’t let it be someone who you’d be in contact with anyway… like a spouse or a child or a best friend.  Go out of your way a bit.  And then… see what happens.

Let me know how it goes.  Peace.


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