While we’re still on technology…

For the past two consecutive weekends, homilies have started like this… “My grandma says that Technology has made it easier for us to sin.”  I’ve been wrestling with that one.  On one hand I wanted to spring from my pew and make a mad dash to the exit… (turns out I usually sit pretty close to the side door.)  On the other hand, I tried to listen intently to understand their arguments.

Um… put my finger to my mouth/almost ready to say something… no.
Do you?… hold my hand in front of my face… never mind.
But what if?… stop mid-sentence and sigh…
Hmmm… give him the benefit of the doubt… huge sigh.

Sorry guys… I just don’t buy it.

The ways we can sin have been around since Day 1…  I don’t think that has ever really changed.  Your best argument that I can see is accessibility.  And if you want to argue that technology has made sin more accessible, then I think you also need to admit that technology has made good more accessible as well.

If that’s one of the reasons you think the pews aren’t full on Sundays… that everyone is out there succumbing to the evils of the world through technology and the only way they’ll be redeemed is to come to Mass… then think again.  As church, we need to stop placing blame for the current situation on everything out there and start looking inwardly at how well we are connecting with people in here.  Research tells us in these words:  People are just gradually drifting away and their spiritual needs are not being met. (Google those phrases + Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life… you’ll find it… through the use of technology no less.)

When you preach something this way… Technology makes it easier to sin… you draw a line in the sand that looks like this in the normal person’s brain: I can either not use technology and be a holy person… or I can use technology and be a sinner. Either way, you set us up to fail… we HAVE to use technology to survive in the world today.

So maybe a better way to start is this:  Does technology make it easier for you to sin?  Or does technology play an appropriate and healthy role in your life?

If that was your opening line, I’d listen better.


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