I’ve decided to go on a Vision Quest.  You probably already know that a vision quest is a Native American three-day fasting spiritual retreat into the desert… directed by a spiritual mentor… where a person is tested to their personal limits and cries out to the Great Spirit for vision and clarity.

Well… that particular format is just not conducive to my lifestyle.  First of all, I live in Wyoming and there’s snow all over the ground right now with another 6 inches or so coming tonight.  Second, I have family and work projects that require my attention today and tomorrow and for the rest of the week and the week after that.  And third, it’s soccer time… my youngest daughter begins her final high school season and this mild-mannered soccer mom will be savoring every shot-on-goal.  Basically… I just can’t leave the world for three days anytime in the near future.  Maybe you can’t either…

But I’m crying out for vision and clarity… maybe there’s another way.

The formal idea of Vision Quest has popped up around me several times over the past few weeks… and then it dawned on me… Jesus went on a vision quest… I think 40 days in the desert qualifies.  Lent approaches… my vision quest.

I’m inviting you to join the cyber-journey.  Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent… for Catholics, a time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  I’m going on a vision quest and you can come too.  My spiritual mentors will be the desert fathers and mothers… because rather than relying on some logical, linear, conceptual way of coming to faith, they simply had their own inner intense experience of God.  They focused on the human ego self as the cause of separation with God… and through stories and tidbits of shared wisdom found a special kind of holiness to mend the gaps.  When we ask, God speaks.

My sacrifice will involve something I love dearly… sleep.  I’m going to set my alarm for a half hour earlier every day to carve out a little time for quiet prayer and conversation with these desert mystics.  And then I offer alms… the sayings of the desert fathers and mothers here in this blog along with a focusing question for the day.  At the end of this vision quest, I am hoping for clear new eyes.

So come along!  You have a couple of days to figure out your own reasons for seeking vision and clarity.  These are some books I’m going to use… A Retreat with Desert MysticsThe Forgotten Desert Mothers.. and The Sayings of the Desert Fathers.  It’s certainly not going to be a cover-to-cover book study… not sure how it’s going to evolve… that’s the cool thing.  Exploring the unknown.

Or don’t forget about Balm for the Broken Spirit… not too late to join that adventure either!


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