This is my life and I don’t pretend to understand it.
Thomas Merton paraphrased

My new office... almost organized.

Ever since I read The Seven Storey Mountain in grad school, Thomas Merton’s writing has captivated the soul of my imagination.  He put words on all that was rolling around in my heart and spirit so that I finally felt like I could speak intelligently to matters of faith and God.  Whenever I catch myself listening to what I am saying, I have to silently give credit to Merton for planting the words and thoughts and inspiration in me.

Look at God…
Look at God looking at me…

Oh my sweet daughter, you are so precious to me.
I know you don’t feel it sometimes but I love you more than you could know.  I am with you more than you know.
I never leave you to yourself… we are always together.

Ancient desert mystics knew a secret:  one of the best reasons to go to the desert is to get ourselves out of our own hands and to put ourselves in God’s hands. If we are living on our own terms, we make ourselves the boss, not God.  We don’t stay in the desert because we like it.  We stay because God lured us there!  God calls and we respond.  We don’t need to understand.

Men and women visited the desert abbas and ammas to seek a word.  Father, give me a word.

L – I – S – T – E – N
S – I – L – E – N – T

What are the big questions in your life?  Where do you seek answers?

Lord, I know that sometimes
You leave in us some defects of character—
so that we can learn humility.
For without these defects,
we would immediately soar above the clouds
in our own estimation—
and would place our throne there instead of yours.
Protect us, Lord, from such perdition.

paraphrase of prayer of Theophane the Recluse
Desert Monk and Mystic

Question of the day:  What are the big questions in your life?


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