Thomas Merton went to the desert not so much to find God as to allow God to find him.  He was intent on creating a void in himself and in his immediate world so that God could come and fill the vacuum.

“But once there, he discovered the true self and the real world, God’s creations both, from which he had so long been divorced.  And if the world and self are not… pure illusion, but are a creation of God, then it is the human task to return them to the Creator in their pristine purity.”

To return the true self and the real world back to God in their purest forms… what is my part in that?

A child can only share a toy after first possessing it… “owning” it.  I only let go of worldly things after I have possessed or owned them.  Do I only let go of my true self when I think I possess it… when I have control?

What do we let go of? The things we are tired of holding onto.
Why do we let go? We are tired of that thing… or we know we can get another.  We have “owned” it.
Why do we let go of people? It’s too hard to hold on anymore.  Otherwise… we don’t let them go.

Question of the day:  What possesses you?


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