What you look at hard seems to look at you.

Gerard Manley Hopkins

I am a victim of information overload.  By accident or intention, I’m not sure (although it doesn’t really matter)… but not long ago when I was wading into the shallow end of the emerging internet I slipped… and the larger current carried me off to distant websites and strange lands like Blogspot and Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and… well you know it goes on exponentially from there.

Status updates began scrolling like a stock exchange ticker across my screen… tweets started falling from the sky like rain… my RSS feeds numbered in the thousands daily.  There are a million and one interesting people out there with interesting perspectives and ideas.  And there are a million and one mundane and immature voices out there as well… they all want a chunk of the collective energy and attention that fuels the information superhighway.  This blog falls into that category as well… I’m not special.

Part of the mud that clouds my vision right now comes from trying to engage too much in all that I find relevant and necessary for me to learn at this point in my career.  I am in a position where I need to figure out how to use technology more creatively in ministry.  So new learning coupled with staying on top of what-I-already-know-but-is-evolving consumes the bulk of my intellectual energy.

Everyday, I scan blog after blog for tidbits, tricks and tales of success and failure, leadership and follower-ship, start-ups and end-ups, theology and business, and on and on… somedays it about makes my head explode.  It’s not unusual to have 15 or 20 tabs open in my browser at any one moment.  When I find something cool I tell myself that I’ll read it more closely later but I usually end up bookmarking it and then not going back… I have lotsa bookmarks!  I know there are apps that would help me organize all these sites, but honestly, I haven’t had the mental wherewithal to figure out which are best for me and how to use them.

I am suffering from information overload and it’s bad… real bad.  I need some relief.  I’ll probably have to unplug for a bit to regain my clarity.

Question of the day:  How do you deal with information overload… whether the result of too much technology or other stimulation?


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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