The power of Old Testament readings usually misses the mark in me.  I tend to be more a New Testament fan going straight on through to the Gospels at Mass.  Maybe because I am still young in my appreciation and understanding of Scripture.  Perhaps as I grow older, the Old Testament will seem more relevant and insightful for my life.  But yesterday’s reading was a different story.  What I heard:

Moses:  Hey You!  Up there!

God:  YES… a booming voice from the sky.

Moses:  I’m not so sure this was such a good idea to bring all these people out to the desert.  Actually, they’re about to get really ticked off at me.  They need some water and I don’t gotta clue where to find it.

God:  How many times are you going to question me, huh?  How long is it gonna take for you to trust that I know what I’m doing?

Moses:  scratching his beard and rubbing his chin… Ummm… dunno.  How long?

God:  throwing his hands up exasperated…  huge sigh.  Okay… take that stick I gave you and hit this rock…

Moses:  What?  This rock?  Here?

God:  Yes that one.

Moses:  You’re sure… now?

God: Waiting… Yes, now please.

Moses:  hits the rock.  Hey!  Whaddaya know?!?  There’s water here!  Thank you God!

God:  Yes… thank Me!

I just love how those OT writers speak my language!  (Okay so I took a little poetic license there… but you get the point.)

Moses was a great man in the history of our faith… but even he doubted God’s plan.  I suppose it’s only human.  Moses was human, after all.  The main reason I started this whole vision quest thing was because I had/still have doubt.  I am seeing a little more clearly now/understanding a little more about what God is asking of me/doing a little better now at trusting and believing that God does know what he’s doing with me.  I am finding some water in this desert… enough to help me take the next step.

And then comes the story of the woman at the well… one of my favorites.  Ask me for living water.

Question of the day:  How do you get past doubt?


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  1. Kelsey Jones says:

    Woman at the well was our sermon at church yesterday…John 4:10 “If you only knew…” isn’t that so true to our lives? If we only knew the power, love, sacrifice and the gift that our lives are from our creator. And you will never thirst again! Powerful stuff — just like doubt.

  2. elmenardi says:

    I like how you refer to doubt as ‘powerful stuff’… that’s a good thought to ruminate upon 🙂

    Good luck on senior “finals”! Peace.

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