My heroes have always been cowboys… literally.  Tom Landry and Roger Staubach… vintage Dallas Cowboys circa 1970’s.

Every game, Tom Landry wore his distinctive Fedora-suit-and-tie combo, arms usually folded across his chest, pacing the sidelines more like a corporate CEO than a football coach.  It was an intriguing sight when Roger Staubach would head to the sidelines for a timeout chat… more like a son running over to ask his dad’s advice… What do you think here?  Should we call a run-up-the-middle or a down-and-out?

I always liked the nickname Roger the Dodger.  I watched many a home game at Texas Stadium where he did indeed dodge lineman after lineman.  Somewhere I have a picture with Staubach from an all-star sports banquet.  Over the years, he and his teammates were gracious enough to come hang out with all of us young athletes and inspire us with words of encouragement and perseverance.  That might be the first time that I identified him as one of my all-time heroes.

What Tom Landry and Roger Staubach taught me as a kid

Where others saw male pride, in their stoicism I saw strength and confidence.  There were never any tantrums or displays of poor sportsmanship.  Nothing ever ruffled their feathers.  Tom Landry’s hat never toppled except in a huge wind.  There was nothing that couldn’t be accomplished.  Maybe the end result didn’t always turn out like you wanted… aka, Terry Bradshaw and the Pittsburgh Steelers in several Super Bowls… but they proved that if you worked hard, took responsibility for your actions and tried to live a virtuous life then you’d be a successful person both on and off the field.  Lessons I have carried with me all these years.

Enter Jerry Jones… new owner of the Dallas Cowboys… how could you?!?!  Fire a legend?  You have shown your quality time and again since that day.

I recall these two heroes of mine as I work in the aftermath of my own personal challenge and difficulty… and I say to all the Jerry-Jones-in-my-life that I have overcome:

You can hold me underwater as long as you want.
You can push me around and be the bully you are.
But you will not prevail.  Even though I die, I live.
Most of life is after death anyway.

Question of the day:  Are you ready?


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