Every day I say to myself—
today I will begin.
Abba Antony

Today I will start.  Today I will become the good and holy person that God wants me to be.  Today is the day.  Okay… right now I’m going to begin.  Yes.  Today.

I’m a mess!  I don’t really know who I am or what I want.  I have no idea where to begin!  There’s just too much that I need to change… I could never do it all.  So I’ll just wait til tomorrow… then I’ll begin.

Okay maybe I could start with just one little thing… something like… hmmm… okay I know… I’ll clean out the sock drawer.  Yes.  That’s what I’ll do.  And then after that I could do the t-shirts and the shoes… then maybe the coats… but that would mean I’d have to do the whole closet… sigh.

You see God?  I can’t begin today because I just don’t have the time to get all the way through the closet.  I’ll start tomorrow.  I promise.

Abba Antony the Great (251-356 AD) was wise to the ways we put God off… even in these modern times.  His timeless words invite us to come as we are before God… no matter our state of undress or unrest.  Just come.  As you are.  Today.

Question of the day:  Where will you start?


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