Future Dwight did this!

Spiritual but not religious.

God-centered but not churchy.

Environmentally-conscious but not a greenie.

Liberal but not Democrat.

Society constantly wants to label us and put us in boxes.  It’s safe/easy/and I can tell exactly where you stand.  Whether you’re on my team or the “other” team.  Whether I can trust you or if I always need to keep one eye toward you.

We plot our strategies so we can catch the other off-guard and win.  We concoct scheme after scheme so we can have the advantage and prevail.  We survive and even succeed because of our superior intellect and Us-Over-Them mentality.

But what if you don’t fit the mold?  When you want it to be “We” instead of Us vs. Them?  When you want to tell your legislator that funding health care for the homeless needs to stay in the budget without being labeled a socialist.  When you want to promote recycling without being accused of acting like a tree-hugger.  When you want to make God a bigger part of your life without being called a religious fanatic.

What happens when you don’t fit the mold?  You ask yourself:
Who built the mold anyway?

Question of the day:  Are you stuck in a Jell-O mold?


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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