The best idea software programmers have ever had!

I love the Undo button!  It’s the best idea that software programmers have ever had.  I do a lot of graphic design work for different resources so Undo is quite handy when I want to move a text box/change font styles/edit a photo/try a new layout.  In my opinion, Undo is nothing short of magic!  (Redo ranks right up there as well.)

Then I go a little deeper into Undo-land.  Where is the Undo button in real life?  There must be one somewhere, right?

I think and think… and pray and pray… listen and listen.
Nope.  Don’t see it anywhere.
Okay… go on with the day.  Logon to the internet.
Peruse the blogs/sites/writers that call to me.
Check some email.  Go back to more blogs/sites.
Click on Facebook.  Check out some links.
Come to a friend’s link to an article.
Read… ahhhh… found the Undo button.

Forgiveness… that’s undo.

What a great thought for Lent and vision quest.

Question of the day:  Where do you need to undo?


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