beep beep beep… beep beep beep… beep beep beep… SMACK!

1… 2… 3… 4… 5 minutes…

beep beep beep… beep beep beep… beep beep beep… SMACK!

awww… okay… let me think… I’ve got to do this, that and the other thing… oh man… and I’ve got to meet with him… and them… maybe I’ll call in sick today…

1… 2… 3… 4… 5 minutes…

beep beep beep… beep beep beep… beep beep beep… SMACK!

Okay I’m coming… I’m coming…

It’s really hard to get going this morning… not because I’m so overly exhausted but because I’m not crazy about what the day holds in store.  It’s not that I don’t want to work; it’s just that I know some of those tasks are going to be really hard or boring or even painful.  And probably I’m going to mess something up.  Someone will find something wrong or some reason why I shouldn’t do it that way.  It always happens… the story of my life.

I have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going… no idea what You are asking of me…  I don’t know what any of this means… what purpose there is.

I am going to call in sick tomorrow… really… I am this time!  Do you hear me, God?

Doubt is part of the human condition.  We all have it and we all have to figure it out.  Here’s 5 good reasons not to blame yourself when you can’t wrap your head around life.

  1. To know the outcome of the journey is to trust God less.
  2. If the Spirit leads us, the journey is not ours alone.
  3. A journey of clarity and ease cannot reach a God of mystery and love.
  4. The experience of uncertainty brings us closer to our companions on the journey.
  5. No matter how unsettling the journey may be at times, God will not permit us to be lost.

A Retreat with Thomas Merton
by Dr. Anthony Padovano

We are human after all.  God expects us to have doubt.  No… more than that… God delights in it!  Because that makes us need God even more.

Question of the day:  How do you figure out doubt?


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