Okay, so it’s Holy Week…
I’m going to do the whole penitential thing right this time.

Got up extra early to pray… 15 minutes later than I wanted but that’s okay.

Everyone’s still asleep/sun isn’t up yet/good prayer environment!

Wait a minute… what’s that?  I can hear the clock ticking… that is SO annoying… ugh!  Just ignore it.
Go back to prayer… ahhh… tick… tick… tick…

What’s on tap for the day?  Got to do some writing/ reading/ editing/ send a few emails…
What about the rest of the week?

Oh for God’s sake!  Sorry God… will you just stop the chatter and pray??

Okay… put each distraction on a leaf on a river and let it gently float away and empty your mind… quiet… quiet… quiet…

Oh my the North Platte is running high this year!   Snowpack is 150% and the BLM is predicting moderate to heavy flooding!  Better buy flood insurance now because it takes 30 days to go into effect!

Argh… this prayer thing is not going well.

Alarm clocks in the distance… beep beep beep… beep beep beep… they’ll be getting up soon.

If the school calls I don’t think I’ll be able to sub today… too much work to do… need to get those next classes set up/send that boat-load of emails/schedule the Minnesota trip/work out moving day in Des Moines/don’t forget the 18th birthday this week/the graduation party is coming/Announcements!  Ugh!  Got to make the announcements!
And Easter!  How could I forget about Easter?!?!

[ *[  * STOP * ] * ]  This is supposed to be prayer time!  You idiot!

I blew it again…

Don’t constipate me woman!  Just let it be… prayer is best when it is a human prayer… a prayer from a heart that is full of distraction and mixed motives.  I get that!  Don’t wait until you are perfect to come to me.  Come now… just as you are.

Question of the day:  What are you waiting for?


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Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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