you never know what you’re gonna get.

Forrest Gump’s famous words might have been Jesus’ words at the Last Supper.  The disciples gathered for what they thought would be an ordinary Thursday night dinner and then it all turned into something so much more.

The theme of today’s YouTube Easter retreat:  Love is Here.  In flesh-and-blood.  And Love is about to do something amazing in your life.  Stay tuned.

Retreat Day 2:  Holy Thursday

1.  Gather your supplies… paper or journal that you created yesterday… writing/drawing stuff… Bible if you have one… your computer/internet.

2.  Like yesterday, carve out about 15 minutes of quiet time when you can be free of distractions.  Turn off your cell phone and your iPod; make yourself promise not to stray on the internet and click onto other sites that catch your eye.  Focus on this small chunk of time only for prayer.

3.  Close your eyes and for a few moments, reflect on a meal that you recently shared with someone special.  What do you remember most?  the food?  the people?  the conversation?  On your paper/journal, make a list of all those things that made it a memorable event.

4.  Now imagine that meal was to be your last.  Would you have done anything differently?  Done something more?  Not done something at all?  What would you change?

5.  Look and listen and pray…

6.  Open your Bible to the Gospel of John and read chapter 13.  It’s pretty short and it has a lot to say about how we are called to love.

7.  Focus on this question for the day:  How is Jesus calling me to love today?  in my family?  in my friends at school?  in my work?  in all those people that I don’t really like?  Say a prayer for all those people as you meet them.

Tomorrow:  Sweetly Broken.
{ { Hint for tomorrow:  Set this day apart from all your other days by waking up a little extra early in the morning and beginning with 5 minutes of absolute total silence and an empty brain.  Let God fill you with holy thoughts. } }


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