We are not a patient people anymore.  We want… we want… we want it NOW!

Television/internet/cell phones/text messages/advertising and marketing condition us toward instant gratification/immediate satisfaction.  But Holy Saturday is a day of waiting… an important time to wait in darkness to see what new life God will restore in each of us.  As Jesus lay wrapped and buried in the cave, so we also must lay still in the silence, longing for God’s hands to deliver us into freedom.

Retreat Day 4:  Holy Saturday

1.  Begin this retreat by going to a place all alone.  Sit on the floor and wrap yourself in a blanket in a way that will put you in as much darkness as possible.  Close your eyes and sit still.  Imagine that you are in the tomb like Jesus… waiting and waiting and waiting… not fully dead but not fully alive.

Where is God?  You were certain that God was going to save you, but so far… nothing.  Where is God?  Stay there for a while.

2.  When you are ready, go over to your computer and listen to this…

3.  While you were waiting in your tomb, did you feel like you were in the hands of God?  What other times in your everyday life do you feel like God’s hands are holding you?

4.  Retrieve your paper/journal that you have used these past few days.  Using a different color pen or marker, write a prayer to help you remember that you are always in the hands of God.

5.  Finish your retreat today with this…

Tomorrow:  Light Up the Sky


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