I have never seen a ghost but I know people who have… usually a beloved family member or grandparent who had just died.  There was a story about a little boy that frequented the grade school at the parish I used to work at, coming into classrooms while teachers worked late into the evening.  Whenever I was in the building after dark, I would say out loud… “Johnny, I really need to go home now… so I don’t have time to chat.  No need for you to come around tonight!”  Yea… it was kind of creepy.

And then there’s Jesus.

Could it really be true?

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?  Mary Magdalene thought so—enough that she ran off to tell everyone.  Her first thought must have been one of utter confusion and only later did she remember and make the connection to things that Jesus had been saying all along.

We act pretty casually about this supernatural event these days.  After 2000 years of hearing the story, it feels commonplace anymore.  But stop for just a second… really… totally stop where you are… and imagine for a minute that you saw an actual person who had come back to life.  Living, breathing, walking around, eating and laughing as if nothing had ever happened.  Would you just go on with what you were doing or would you stop and check it out?

Can the whole idea of resurrection become real to us today?

Jesus is hoping that it will.  He is hoping that what he did all those centuries ago makes a difference in our lives today.  He is praying that each one of us will take a step closer toward creating a real and vibrant faith in our everyday lives—the kind of faith that compels our hearts forward in discipleship.  Until we know there is no other choice but to make God a central priority in all that we do, a loud voice in all the decisions we make, a focus for how we want to use our time, our money and our talents.

The challenge of discipleship means that it doesn’t stop here.  On the other side of Jesus’ resurrection, we are different people… we are stronger, more committed, more loving disciples.

Tell me what you think:  How are you different after resurrection?

I’d really like to hear from you.


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  1. Mary Sutton says:

    Hmmm, I have been angry at someone for quite some time. Feeling that there was no justice in our relationship: felt used, betrayed and hatred even. But, after the Easter Vigil, I was thinking about my “stoney heart.” This morning, I couldn’t sleep, so I watched a PBS show about forgiveness. These people were forgiving a parent that left when they were children, jewish survivors of WWII… Not forgetting, which would diminish the journey, but forgiving. How can I not lose my stoney heart for a natural one, in the light of the resurrection that is a balm and the ultimate forgiveness. Thanks Elaine, I hadn’t put this all together until I read you. (oh, and I haven’t seen a ghost, but I did hear his voice)

  2. Keep it short. (I have to tell myself this).

    Resurrection changes your identity doesn’t it. How you identify and interact with the world completely changes in the light of our being placed into the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. Yet, many Christians have never seen themselves placed in this and consequently live very confused lives. They feel out of place in the world, a foreigner, an alien. They don’t fit in with the world, and the don’t seem to fit in with Christ. I know this was true for me.

    Then I saw it. Romans 6-8 opened. Paul’s word’s of having been crucified with Christ came alive. And I was different.

    Praise God for resurrection. For our hope of Glory!

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