I have been carrying my canoe for a long time.  I have finally crossed the river… time to set it down.

My canoe has transported all my most precious possessions:  my successes and failures… my self-image… my reputation.

I have been hauling around a boat-load of hurt and pain, somehow expecting that it would be acknowledged and apologized for by the people who did the hurting.

I have also been holding onto this whole mess of expectations with the idea that other people would start paddling my canoe… thinking:  My ideas are so brilliant that they’ll make the world such a better place.  So here you go… you do the work.  Birth my dreams to reality.

What else in my canoe?  Memories.  People.  Relationships.  Pet peeves.  Work.  Unfinished thoughts and projects.  Stuff.  Plenty of collected stuff and junk.  Dreams and visions.  Yes, even those.  All have been carted around in my canoe for years.

But now I have crossed the river.  And while all that I’ve been hauling has served me well, I’m tired of lugging it over land.  Portage is okay… but unnecessary portage is a waste of good energy.  I can always find another canoe at the next river.

Cross the river, then leave your canoe.

Good advice, sir Buddha.  Thank you.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Mike Leach says:

    I love this parable and the way you applied, Elaine. It applies to me too, to all of us. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Mike 🙂 I do love canoeing, but it will be so much more fun to explore the land with a lighter pack! Peace.

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