Osama bin Laden was killed yesterday.  By a US military action.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  How do you feel about it?

If I say how terrible it is that our government intentionally killed him, I come off as a traitor and risk the ensuing hostility and ire against a man who was seen as the face of pure evil.  Everything I know about him leads me to believe that he did indeed perpetrate many crimes.


If I say that I’m happy he’s dead, then I run the risk of losing my soul.

How can anyone identifying as Christian rejoice that someone has been killed… even someone horrible.  Maybe I am too far removed from the center of the argument.  If I had lost someone I loved in 9/11, maybe I would understand more why bin Laden had to go.  I could have lost my brother that day… his work regularly took him into the Twin Towers, but that day he wasn’t.  It’s easy for me to sit back and say “We should’ve taken him alive at all costs.”

I wonder how President Obama must feel…
knowing that he gave the order to shoot and kill.  And the soldier who actually fired the shot.  Does the notoriety of the target overshadow the act of destruction… justifying the kill for the sake of the common good?  I can’t wrap my head around that so I’m just going to send prayers for all those involved… for healing their hearts… that’s got to hurt down deep.

And one last parting thought…

What happened when bin Laden met God?  Or perhaps Allah?  How did that conversation go?

A priest friend asked me one time:  Why does Jesus have to come back at the end of time?
Me:  To give us all one last chance to say “I’m sorry… I love you.”

I just can’t believe that anyone would still hate after looking God in the eye.  And in that moment, God forgives.  Even bin Laden.

I can’t wrap my head around that one either.
Can you?

Peace for the day.


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