So maybe you’ve been expecting a new post for a couple days now… culture conditions us to move quickly from one question to the next/from one topic of learning to the next/from one television show to the next/from one novel to the next.

I found myself still wrestling with the questions that I posed last week.  Yesterday/today/tomorrow I am at a monastery… where the pace of life is slower… where prayer is revered for the life-changing experience it should be… where questions get wrestled to the ground and sat on until a reasonable half-answer leads to the next question.  There is always a next question… usually one that takes you deeper into the heart of the original question.  That’s where I am today.

So I need to stay with these a little longer:

  1. What are you spending and being spent for?
  2. What commands and receives your best time and your best energy?
  3. What causes/dreams/goals or institutions are you pouring out your life for?

Shake it up...

      I hope you’ll stick around too…
      the sifting pan is full of gravel and water.
    We need to shake it a bit.

About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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