So my life of late is a whirlwind… I am on the road for work/for graduations/for soccer games/for family visits/for more work.  Honestly, it all feels a bit crazy these days.

Yesterday, I was at St. Kate’s Newman Center for Mass… the end-of-the-year for graduating Drake University seniors.  This Catholic parish has a growing ministry for the local deaf community and people from around the Des Moines area come together to worship in sign language.  It’s been active for many years now, but until yesterday, I hadn’t heard a reading proclaimed by a deaf person.  It was pretty cool.

Sign language hands lead the voice.

At my daughter’s college graduation ceremony the day before, a pair of ladies signed the various speeches and names as the gala progressed.

During Mass, Dee signed the first reading for us and the speaking voice followed her.  That’s a twist on how we usually see/hear sign language.

It shook me off-guard… and I found myself paying better attention.  It was the classic image of the early church from the Acts of the Apostles.  Peter preaches to the community and many become newly baptized.  It was a profound story as Dee spoke to me through the movement of her hands and the emotion on her face.  Later in the homily, she and her husband Gus shared their story of stewardship and how God works in their lives… speaking with their faces and their hands as the voice followed their words.  Thank you for touching my spirit in a new way.

So that experience takes me back to my previous questions…

What am I spending and being spent for?

What commands my best time and energy?

What am I pouring myself out for?

Two simple answers:  my faith and my family.

Next question for all of us:  Is it worth it?  If I’m not willing to give myself over to those causes then I need to reevaluate.

What about you?


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