We like the internet because it’s easy… it’s fast… it’s simple.

Google keywords… find answers.

Isn't there more than this?

Maybe there’s a judgment process involved.  Is this a reputable website?  Is this reliable information?  Do I trust these sources?

Technology makes everything easy.

It used to be that our brains automatically searched a large number of default places to find information/identify solutions/get products… like yellow pages or libraries or retail stores.  Now it’s straight to cyberspace… the ‘information superhighway’.  It was a gradual but profound shift for my brain… probably for many others as well.

We have naturally translated this thought process into:  Everything should be easy.  And when it isn’t, we get frustrated.

Finding meaning in life should be easy enough… if we just think hard enough/ pray hard enough/ study hard enough… we’ll figure out what we’re here on earth to do or be or accomplish.  It should be simple… but usually it’s not.

Somehow we’ve got to touch that spiritual center.  The place inside each of us that has a life of its own because it comes from the constant flow of life that is God.

To quote Darth Vader:  It’s elusive… elsewhere…

We spend a lot of time trying to grab it/own it/control it/hold it.  But the spiritual center is mysterious… and cannot be contained by humans no matter how much we wish it to be so.

So how can we find meaning?

A nice, simple, exquisitely profound thought from Spanish poet Antonio Machado:

Christ spoke another truth:
Find the you that is not yours
and never can be.

This is your spiritual center.  It is constantly changing / evolving / growing / moving / morphing in the unique person you are.  It is a “you that is not yours” but is wholly you.  Simple and easy.  Right?

Toss that into your spiritual-food-for-thought today.


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Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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